Instant In-App Chat, Voice and Video for Humans

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Connecting When it Matters.

A personal touch is what makes us different. With our cutting-edge technological alternatives to chatbots designed for today’s workplace, Skylink Cube will assist you in enhancing your digital experience

Another live video call API? No way! Skylink Cube offers multiple channels to connect with customers. We have everything from live chat and voice to video calls, so you never lose any lead. Our professionals devote countless hours to creating customized solutions without compromising quality or service standards.

Skylink Cube for instant video chat and messaging for any website.

Enhance Customer Experience with Real-Time Video Chat Solutions

Real-time interactions with your customers build lasting trust and set you apart from your competitors. Skylink is a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to ensure seamless collaboration with your customers.

Our embedded live video call API technology lets you explore suitable ways to connect with your customers.

We truly understand that customer expectations are evolving more quickly than ever. Connecting with your customers over video calls and creating meaningful interactions will nurture customer trust. Skylink Cube ensures that your users stay interested and engaged with your app or website.

Real-time Web Platform SDK

SkylinkJS’s web and mobile platforms offer embedded real-time features. Implementation is simple and can range from a simple chat app to a sophisticated team video solution. We handle the technical details so you can concentrate on your business goals. It’s never been simpler to incorporate sophisticated collaborative capabilities.

Native Mobile Support

SDKs are compatible with Apple and Android mobile and tablet devices. Get the benefits of enhanced hardware acceleration, improved network and power management—a fantastic way to give your existing native mobile applications real-time capabilities

React Native Real-time SDK for Hybrid Apps

Deploy our Skylink React Native SDK to incorporate effective collaboration features into your hybrid mobile solution. The strength of our SkylinkJS Web Platform SDK is combined with the possibilities of native device capabilities by our React Native SDK for the best of both worlds.

C++ Real-time SDK Application Servers and Smart Devices

We haven’t forgotten about the backend or smart devices, even though most of our SDKs are firmly focused on client-side applications. For usage in a range of programmatic applications, Temasys provides all the functionality of our client-side SDKs in a compact C++ library. With the help of this tool, you may create augmented experiences, surface application data, and automate and integrate Ai solutions into your Skylink experience.

Human connections as an alternative to ineffective chatbots

Why Human Interactions Will Help Your Business


Let’s clarify that bots are bad for your business. Unlike chatbots, Skylink lets you offer human-to-human interactions to your audience for efficient redressal of inquiries. Moreover, it shows that you care for your customers enough to provide them with quality support services.

Reduces the burden on customers

When neither you nor your clients have to wait hours or days to conduct business, it does make everyone’s life easy. No matter the situation, if you have a stable internet connection and Skylink integration on your website, your business runs non-stop. 

Increases Social Reach

Word of mouth is still a potent and reliable tool to reach dedicated clients. If you can retain your current clients, they’ll bring more people to your business. It’s a chain that keeps on spreading. That’s why Skylink Cube integration on your website/app is a must.

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